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Micro-industrial endoscope advantages

Industrial endoscope comparison of the main parameters and users are more concerned about the following points:
1. Visual effects:
At present, the whole market of industrial endoscopes is generally 450,000 pixels, among which there are fewer manufacturers of megapixels.
Micro-optic WS-Y series and WS-F series are millions of high-definition pixels (1000000, 2000000), external 27-inch super big screen without noise.
Crack, peeling, pull lines, scratches, pits, bumps, spots, corrosion and other defects in high-definition pixels with large-screen display can be clearly observed.
Near-focal lens, the current market price of industrial endoscopy in the 10-120MM micro-optic WS-Y series and WS-F series of high-definition pixels can detect 5-200mm, this near-focus or near-focus industry Endoscope, depth of field is the choice of one of the important parameters of the industrial endoscope, can be maximized within a limited test object to observe the most clear.
2. Controllability:
Industrial endoscope steering steering device, the user feedback is the most widely investigated steel wire fracture will be used for a long time, or the use of coiled endoscopic pipeline resistance increases caused by rupture or pipeline scrap.
Micro-optic industrial endoscope steering control structure improvement, precise control 0 delay, 360 ° rotation in any direction, after two laps (120 °), still able to control freely!
3 smart software:
Industrial endoscope currently on the market a bit more common software features (image enlargement, image reduction, image freeze, video storage and other basic functions). Micro-optoelectronics WS-Y series of independent research and development of intelligent platform that can support the English name, image defects quickly identify the logo settings, custom text comments and other smart features.

4 flexible customization:
Industrial endoscope market generally rescheduled program prices high.
Micro-optic WS-F online series can be heart-connected (computer, tablet, IPC) online testing, without staring at the small screen external large-screen HD, movie-like enjoyment, minor defects as much as possible.
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