WS-C series of industrial video endoscope
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Industrial video endoscopy (also known as: peeposcopy) is a branch of non-destructive testing, but also a dedicated detection technology. Suitable for inspection and observation of places where high temperature, poisonous, nuclear radiation and human eyes can not directly observe (such as automobile assembly, automobile casting, engine, pipeline, mechanical parts, pressure vessel, electric power system, wind power, chemical, mechanical equipment , Railway locomotives, etc.) to achieve nondestructive testing without disassembling or destroying the assembly and stopping the operation of the equipment, which can greatly improve the detection efficiency and the safety performance of the equipment.
● portable 3.6-inch, 450,000 pixels, the whole weight less than 500g
● Highlight front LED lighting, can adapt to different testing needs
● Large depth of field 5-120mm large depth of field
● High-precision mechanical guidance, 360-degree arbitrary rotation, control precision 0 delay
● Super wear-resistant four tungsten wire braided tube, waterproof, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion
● super life can replace the battery, continuous work ≦ 4 hours
● Highlight wide-angle highlight LCD
● After turning to the flexible disc two times, you can also turn 120 degrees