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Micro-industry endoscope products Wanted channel distribution partners

Shenzhen Micro Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., is a professional high-pixel industrial endoscope product design, technology development, production and sales, technical services as one of the technology companies. The company independently developed endoscope including 2 million pixel high-definition industrial endoscopes, 1 million high-definition industrial endoscopes, car endoscopes, police endoscopes, military endoscope and other industrial endoscopes and imaging systems . We bring together many years specialized in industrial endoscope engineering and business, valuable research and development and practical experience is our guarantee of service. According to your needs business Recommended for your use of micro-optic industrial endoscopes, technical engineering tailored customized products will allow you to use the most satisfied with the micro-optic industrial endoscope products, directly to provide supporting the most professional support and services . Pragmatic, innovative, pioneering and enterprising is the development of Micro Optoelectronics Road, the user's support is the survival of micro-optoelectronics, the user's trust is the goal of micro-optoelectronics pursuit of service for users of our micro-people as everlasting Promise of!
MicroScope's main industrial endoscope portfolio includes the following four series:
WS-Y (Intelligent Million HD Series)
WS-F (Intelligent online million high-definition series)
WS-C (lightweight portable series)
WS-G (Smart Million HD Series)

Micro-Optoelectronics as "common development, customer demand as the starting point," as micro-distribution concept, and always uphold the distribution partners and "common development" concept, the customer's needs first. Micro-optical moments concerned about the market dynamics and development, and distribution partners with the development of new industries and applications, continue to explore the potential for market growth. The continued growth brings more opportunities for each partner, so that each partner has its own industry or regional positioning to reduce mutual conflicts and achieve win-win situation. Micro-R & D team adhere to the customer needs as a starting point to meet the diverse needs of different clients and look forward to all the distribution partners to micro-products, value-added services, to bring customers the greatest benefit, and the interests of all parties to maximize. Micro-look forward to working with your distribution partners to serve customers, and can get the appropriate return and development. Welcome to the regional relations and market strength of the unit or individual calls, letters or field talks.
Thank you for the professional endoscope solution provider - Shenzhen Micro Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. attention!