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Industrial endoscope in various industries

1. Aerospace industry
For aircraft structure frame, engine, blade inspection products
The company's endoscopy products for aircraft turbines, blades, engines, weld surface, the surface of the catheter, the combustion chamber inside the regular inspection or body checks, and rocket engine research and development, manufacturing.
Endoscopy In the maintenance of aircraft, the endoscope is called a "sonde" and is one of the top five tools for routine maintenance and routine inspection of aircraft, with the purpose of grasping the condition inside the engine. As the only inspection method that can understand the internal condition of the engine without breaking down the engine during the maintenance of the route, endoscopy is of great significance and value for both safety and effectiveness: firstly, it is intuitive, accurate and easy to implement As early as possible to identify the internal damage to the engine, which is greatly conducive to the hidden dangers of safety in the embryonic stage; Second, endoscopy to avoid decomposition of the engine and the corresponding engine replacement, transportation costs and unnecessary aircraft outage loss, save Maintenance costs.
2, car production and maintenance
For automotive parts, engine inspection products
The company's endoscope products are widely used in the automobile production and maintenance industries. They are mainly used in the testing and diagnosis of automobile engines, cylinders, hydraulic components, fuel pipes, engines, mufflers, transmission and air conditioning systems, differentials, water tanks and fuel tanks , Gear box wear, coke, blockage and so on, improve work efficiency and reduce the cost of repairs, while avoiding the damage caused by repeated disassembly of the parts. In the car engine cleaning, maintenance, endoscopy is also an essential daily tool. At the same time it is simple to operate, flexible, compact and portable, soft, small, flexible insertion tube can reach any hidden parts need to be checked.
3, power production and construction units
For wind power plants, hydroelectric power plants, thermal power plants and power construction units testing products
Endoscopic products manufactured by the company are used in various power plant / electric construction units to inspect important equipment such as turbines, pipes, condenser tubes, pumps, boilers, heat exchangers, valves, pressure vessels, and other equipment, Defect detection and condition monitoring.
Application site:
Find the missing parts
Corrosion inside and outside the pipe
Turbine clean
Paddle and nozzle / nozzle blockage check
Refining / transmission lines and sealing systems
Valve base inspection
Main steam pipe
Water heater
Wind turbine, fan operating status
Turbine / generator / generator
Generator stator check
Check the pulp
Endoscopy technology in the construction of power production to help inspectors quickly and effectively find the core of the problem, the inspection components corrosion, rust, cracks, iron filings, butt welds and other quality defects. The small size, portability and mobility of the instrument can greatly reduce the work intensity and improve work efficiency. The portable battery itself is more convenient to work in harsh environments such as small space, high climbing, and field work.
4 precision casting and machinery manufacturing
For machinery parts production, casting unit inspection products
The company's endoscopy products in the casting of automotive parts, hydraulic casting, the body of the pump body casting, machinery parts casting, pipe fittings casting units for checking sand casting situation, burrs and staggered hole situation QC.
Endoscopy technology in the mechanical casting industry requires compactness and flexibility. The need for inspection of components are relatively small holes, which requires the endoscope must be more small, flexible and easy to insert; video display more intuitive and clear, for the casting body deep holes, blind holes, staggered holes, casting Gaza, glitches and other conditions at a glance.
5, petroleum, chemical industry, pressure vessel industry
For petroleum, chemical and pressure vessel industry testing products
The company's endoscopy products for petroleum refineries storage tanks, heat exchangers, tank car, pipeline facilities in the chemical industry, special inspection and pressure vessel production units containers, cylinders, pipelines and other internal defects detection inspection. At the same time in the testing process without the need to dismantle the seized equipment, it is a very cost-effective detection solutions. Video endoscopy in the industrial condenser tubes, compressors, heat exchanger tube internal inspection, weld inspection, wall deposition, pharmaceutical, stainless steel food piping corrosion and cracking conditions overheating and leak check , Plating pipe, annular weld inspection has been widely used. Video endoscopy comes with image processing systems and recorders can be effective at any time to check defects recorded, stored, processed, to ensure that image data archiving.
6, railway, shipbuilding, construction engineering, research institutes
For locomotives, turbines, engineering, pharmaceuticals, food pipeline testing products
The company's industrial video endoscopes, fiber endoscopes and pipe endoscopes are widely used in many different plant units.
Railway / ship used to check electric locomotives, air-conditioning systems, turbines, heaters, diesel engines, boiler flames, pipe checks.
Construction works are used to check the internal corrosion of steel pipes and dirt, walls and other internal diagnoses, steel rust conditions, the support shaft, cracks in bridge joints, etc., can also be used for the tunnel inside the cavity, the observation of the building model; tap water corrosion and Clogged diagnosis.
Research units for research institutions, observation, research, laboratory, archeology and so on.
7, national defense and military security, security
For the detection of weapons and equipment, public safety video endoscopy technology in the manufacture of weapons, Nissan maintenance, security, customs inspection, search and rescue, life detection has also been applied.
Weaponry is used to inspect mechanical gear components for wear, looseness, oil spills, and internal barrel conditions.
Security checks for the public security, customs inspection of hidden drugs, and smuggled goods.
Search and rescue exploration for seismic search and rescue, emergency incident search, explosion-proof inspection.
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