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Industrial endoscope has many applications in the field of aeronautics and astronautics, aviation is mainly used in turbine blades of aircraft engines, cracks in the combustion chamber, the search and elimination of excess material inside the framework of the body structure, testing various cavity surface defects such as welding of oil pipes , Various types of pipe weld surface, the catheter surface, as well as the engine cylinder, fuel pipe, hydraulic components, nozzle components.

Because of the aero-engine structure is extremely complex, routine maintenance testing can not always be disassembled to troubleshoot the problem, which requires commonly known as "hole detector" that endoscope to complete the regular inspection. It is also one of the most important means of routine maintenance and routine inspection of aircraft engines.

Each flight requires careful examination and testing before it is flown to ensure that its flight is really safe. Timely and effective endoscopy to avoid the decomposition of the engine cost a lot of time and cost, labor costs, transportation costs, but also improve the efficiency of the engine turnover and save maintenance costs.

Aerospace is mainly used in rocket engine research and development, manufacturing, assembly, rocket body cavity weld, check the sand casting situation, burrs and staggered hole situation quality control, flight navigation systems and other key parts of the defect investigation.