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Industrial endoscopy for non-destructive testing of steel pipe industry to become efficient

Due to the user's increasing demand for the quality control of steel pipe and pipe, steel pipe manufacturers use the industrial endoscopy skills and inspection techniques can be useful to avoid the emergence of sub-optimal and defective products to the enterprise a huge economic loss and can not The social impact of redemption.
In the steel pipe welding stuff, the most widely used is the industrial endoscope, the pipe directly to the internal weld to view, you can drop in the manufacturing phase of the material loss, reduce the cost of customer returns caused by the loss of extended product life cycle, Accurate product function.
Industrial endoscopy is a useful tool for checking the integrity of steel, aluminum and titanium structures; it provides a clear and precise indication of defects such as cracks, imperfections, slag inclusions, imperfect welding of side walls, and similar leaks , Hand-held industrial endoscope can quickly and easily view the surface quality of steel pipe weld to provide clear and intact endoscopic images and video material storage, can quickly and accurately detect the quality of the weld inside the steel pipe, a steel pipe welding non-destructive testing Prepare things.
For steel pipelines and other inner wall detection special occasions, the introduction of side-view industrial endoscope series, with instant fill light function, is very suitable for poor light inside the pipe and other local, you can clearly and accurately determine the crack, incomplete penetration, folder Slag, incomplete welding side walls, leaks and other similar welding shortcomings, many steel pipe manufacturers to specify endoscopic products.
Industrial endoscopes make steel pipe welding non-destructive testing accurate and efficient. According to the different needs of different manufacturers on the non-destructive testing of steel pipe welding, we have introduced different specifications of industrial endoscopes, such as different length, different diameter, double steering, four steering, , Easily view the surface quality of the weld pipe inside the pipe, improve economic efficiency and brand effect.
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